Reconnect to Your Innate Feminine Wisdom and Thrive

Are you a woman who's ready to step into living a life that reflects your authentic self, free from your inner critic and thriving?

Join Clarissa, Sarah and Leonora for an awakening and empowering retreat in Odenslund, Sweden October 3 - 6 2019

So Why Should You Join Us?

Imagine how good you would feel to live a deeper, truer, braver and authentic life. Answering your inner call to live according to your innate values and strengths.  

Say goodbye to being exhausted from the hustle and your over-busy mind. Let go of the feeling that no matter how much you do, give, or accomplish it's still not enough. 

You don't need to do this alone, we'll help you let go of the stories, limiting beliefs and things that are holding you back from living fully.  


You will follow your inner wisdom to greater joy, happiness and fulfillment.  

  • Feeling stuck and wishing you knew how to move forward? We'll walk you through the steps to finding your way forward  
  • Longing to reignite your 'sparkle' and the joy of living? We've got you covered! You'll feel re-connected with your feminine wisdom so you can 'shine'  
  • Wanting to feel a sense of greater self-confidence? We'll help you to trust your intuition so you can fully embrace who you are  
  • Not sure how to say an authentic yes or no? You'll discover how to stand in your truth and empower yourself to honour your boundaries  
  • Longing to make a make a difference? Tap into your inner wisdom and uncover how you can make a meaningful contribution 

The Thrive Now retreat is EXACTLY what you've been looking for to support you to find your inner truth.

You will also have opportunities to explore forest paths and the nearby ancient town of Nyköping and allow yourself to relax.  

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The Venue 

Beautiful, unspoilt, calm and peaceful Södermanland. This region of Sweden is blessed with flowering meadows and enchanted forests. The whole area offers fascinating insight into Swedish culture and history, with rock carvings, rune stones, castles and manors.  

We'll share four uplifting days (three nights) in Odenslund Kursgård an old village school that has been converted to a retreat centre, far from city life in peaceful countryside.

You'll enjoy delicious vegetarian meals made with organic produce, watch the sun go down over rolling meadows, take walks in the surrounding countryside or simply relax in the garden. Feel like you've found a secret oasis that only you know about.  

Odenslund is a short drive from the ancient town of Nyköping with good rail links to Stockholm and 15 minute taxi ride fom Stockholm Skavsta airport.  

The Food

Enjoy delicious vegetarian cuisine made with organic ingredients. 

Can't eat gluten or diary? No worries! Your dietary needs are important and can be accommodated, no problem. 

The Delights  

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and a path to change amidst nature's simplicity?  

Be prepared to drop anchor and take the time to breathe, heal and reassess. To sleep and read and have silent walks. Eat healthily, rest well. 

Be guided through self-discovery activities to take a gentle look at your life with a bit of distance and perspective.  


Enjoy daily sessions of creative movement, artistic expression and restorative meditation empowering you to reset your inner direction.

Return to your life with powerful vision, purpose and heartfelt intentions unique to you. Feel energized and inspired and make solid commitments to improve your life. Leave feeling happier, more balanced and at peace with your life.  

If that's not tempting enough, we've planned a beautiful outdoor session to harness the power of nature. Deepen your self- awareness, gain new insights and profound breakthroughs.  

What can you expect on this one of a kind retreat?  

For starters, you'll have the opportunity to come into harmony with yourself and gain perspective on your life. Feel the joy as you embrace your true self and gain clarity on your way forward. 

Learn how to quieten your mind and accept yourself just as you are. Make connections with like-minded women that can last a life-time!  

On this retreat you will:

  • Begin the journey from feeling stuck to making a shift in your consciousness. Increase your energy and feel your potential.
  • Uncover what you need right now in your life. Through creative activities envision your future life and gain insight on how to move forward.
  • Release stagnant energy that has accumulated and clear space for a joyful authentic life to emerge. 
  • Step onto the path of change and reset yourself to be aligned with your purpose and thrive. 
  • Learn about the 7 levels of energy and how much energy you currently have in the catabolic-suppressing range and in the anabolic-inspiring range. You will see with absolute clarity the direct impact stress has on your energy and learn what to do about it.

Your Bonuses

  • Your Unique Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) Shows you how you approach and react/respond to different circumstances. Your life experience is based on your values and perceptions – you can either be limited (like tunnel vision) or expansive (like a prism) in your life satisfaction. You choose.  
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group - so we can all connect pre-retreat (you can ask questions and receive up to date info). Stay connected post retreat and continue to support each other.  
  • Pre-Retreat Call - you'll have a chance to meet everyone in the group and ensure you have all need for our time away together.  
  • Post-Retreat Call - we'll connect to help you integrate your experiences once you're back home and have had time to reflect.  
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What's Included:  

  • Three days of deep-dive sessions with supportive conversation 
  • Free time for relaxing, journaling or another activity of your choice 
  • Three unique early morning sessions (7.30 am)  
  • Two creative mandala sessions to deepen your inner journey  
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Comfortable shared accommodation for four nights. All rooms are very spacious and well furnished  
  • All the delicious organic vegetarian meals - 3 x breakfast, 3 x lunch and 3 x dinner  
  • Saturday evening dinner in historic Nyköping
  • A goodie bag  

What's NOT Included:  

  • Your round-trip airfares from home 
  • Transfers between the airport/train station and the retreat centre
  • Meals not mentioned in the inclusions above 
  • Other non-included items include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, and taxis and other fares (bus, train) not listed  

Meet Clarissa:  

I assist mid-life women in navigating the demands of modern life more skilfully so they feel happier in their skin, less stressed, more confident and more ease with themselves and life.

I am an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness practitioner and the owner and founder of The Little Breathing Space. I am Fellow of RSA and regular contributor to RSA's Mindful Living Network.

I am the author of the international best seller The Mindful Menopause: The Secret to Balance, Vitality, and Clarity Through the Change.

Meet Sarah:  

I help professional women unlock their creative genius so they can contribute in the most meaningful way possible.  

My unique blend of Energy Leadership™ Coaching, therapeutic art and strong strategic approach empowers women to realise a fuller expression of who they truly are in both their professional and personal lives.  

I hold ACC certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and ELI-MP (Energy Leadership ™ Master Practitioner) certification. I have been awarded an MA level qualification in the area of Art Therapy. 

Meet Leonora:  

I help individuals discover their true self, envision their ideal future and enable lasting change.  

As a multi-passionate creator, I incorporate yoga, music-making, writing and storytelling to create engaging, inclusive and transformational programmes.  

Trained at The Academy of Contemporary Music, I perform regularly and teach music. I also mentor young musicians with learning difficulties for Club Soda, a charity bringing creativity in the community. I'm also the author of the personal wellbeing blog Finding Nora.  


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Registration Info

Pay in Deposit Info: 

A 80 EUR non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place at the retreat. Full payment is required 60 days before the retreat.  

Your Investment: $800 EUR double occupancy (includes your ELI test) 

This retreat is limited to 12 participants! 

LIMITED PLACES! Book your spot now so you don't miss out! 

To join us: 

Place your non-refundable deposit of 80 EUR below. 

50% of your balance is due July 31st 2019 The balance is due in full August 31st, 2019  

Questions? Please email Clarissa at

Cancellation Policy: For The Trip: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the 80 EUR deposit. Any cancellation made between: July 27th 2019 and August 30th 2019 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: August 30th 2019 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.