Reset Your Soul and Release Your Innate Feminine Wisdom

Algarve, Portugal 

If you're a woman who's ready to step into living a life that reflects your authentic self, free from your inner critic and thriving - then join Clarissa Hughes for an awakening and empowering retreat in Algarve, Portugal 

October 27 - 31st, 2018

Song birds flying overhead, the wind blows through the carob tree canopy that shades the pool. Views stretch across the gardens and paths lead down to the river. In the background, the sound of the ocean crashing against the beach. Dedicated to living in harmony with nature between the mountains and Atlantic Ocean is a space where regeneration and abundance thrive. As you lie back in the hammock and breathe in the scents coming from the surrounding herb garden your spirit fully awakens. Recharge in the lounge decorated with natural local upcycled materials inspiring relaxation and simple ways of living.  

Sinking into on one of the comfy hairs, you can curl up and journal or chat with your new soul sisters or enjoy relaxing with a glass of organic wine, juices or kombucha. You can't help but slow down and feel how your soul is soothed.  

beach in portugal
Portugal retreat outdoor space

Casa da Lama is the PERFECT place to spend 5 delightful days (and 4 nights)…  

… taking your place in this tranquil environment you will discover a space for stillness and reflection. Deepening the process of self-awareness that leads to new insights and profound breakthroughs.  

You will follow the soul, not the mind to greater joy, happiness and fulfillment.  

Wondering how you can turn down that "mind chatter" and tackle the tiredness? I'll teach you how to do it! You'll learn simple yet profound mindfulness practices that will de-stress, rest and restore your body and mind that you can use at home.  

Longing to reignite your 'sparkle' and the joy of living? I've got you covered! You'll feel re-connected with your Spirit and able to use that connection for healing and inner peace?  

Can't seem to find balance in your life? We'll layout your plan so you can manage your energy back in your own world. You'll feel the exhaustion drop away.  

Not sure how to hold your boundaries with an authentic yes or no? Let us count the ways. You'll discover how to stand in your power and protect yourself with healthy limits and boundaries? 

Ready to re-connect with your Spirit? Let's do this together…  

So Why Should You Join Us?

  Just imagine how good it would feel to live deeper, truer, braver, and more authentically, answering your soul's call to live according your innate values and strengths  

Say goodbye to being exhausted from the hustling and the over-busy mind. Let go of the feeling that no matter how much you do, give, or accomplish it's still not enough. 

There's no need to do this alone, we'll be working together to help you let go of old lies, limiting beliefs, and things that are holding you back from living fully.  

The Soul Reset Retreat is JUST what you've been looking for to support you to heal, grow and reignite your soul  

Plus, there will be opportunities to explore fabulous beaches and local villages, eat incredibly delicious food, and avail yourself of the most body-melting massages! 

The Venue...  

Beautiful unspoilt Western Algarve. The southern coastline of Portugal, a region blessed with stunning beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate - evokes images of stretches of empty beaches, small villages, and mountains, touched by Arabian and European influences.  

In the eastern border of Lagos Municipality near the Alvor estuary lies Quinta do Vale da Lama. Situated between the Monchique mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the towns of Lagos and Portimão. This farm and its retreat center is an abundant eco-system that welcomes those who are looking for inspiration in nature's simplicity.  

We'll be spending four fabulous nights in Casa Vale da Lama Eco-Resort enjoying delicious vegetarian meals made with local organic produce, watching the sun come up in the Sunrise studio, taking walks in the surrounding countryside or on amazingly beautiful beaches or simply relaxing in a hammock. Located amongst olive, almond, orange and carob groves you'll feel like you've found a secret oasis that only you know about.  

Retreat buildings

The Cuisine!

Enjoy delicious vegetarian Mediterranean inspired cuisine made with organic seasonal ingredients. Many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs come from Casa da Lama's own gardens or are purchased in tune with Casa's ethics from local producers or other ethical suppliers.  

Can't eat gluten or diary? No worries! Your dietary needs are important and can be accommodated, no problem. 

The Delights  

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and a path to change amidst nature's simplicity?  

Be prepared to drop anchor and take the time to breathe, heal and reassess. To sleep and read and have silent walks. Eat healthily, rest well. 

Be guided through self-discovery activities to take a gentle look at your life with a bit of distance and perspective.  

Group session outdoors
Yoga Session indoors

Enjoy daily therapeutic yoga and meditation sessions (a combination of mindfulness, breath, restorative and loving kindness meditation techniques) that give a realistic but also empowering support to this healing process. 

And return to your life with powerful statements of vision and purpose and heartfelt intentions that are unique to you and will energize and inspire you to make solid commitments to improve your quality of life. You'll leave feeling happier, more balanced and at peace with your life.  

Connect with Your Senses! If that's not tempting enough - I've planned beautiful daily workshop that harness the power of nature to further deepen your self- awareness and lead you to new insights and profound breakthroughs  

So, what can you expect on this one of a kind retreat?  

Well for starters the opportunity to bring yourself to harmony within and gain perspectives on your life challenges! Feel the joy as you embrace passion, tranquility, and self-worthiness. Journey to a place beyond the ego and gain clarity on past issues and challenges. Learn how to quiet the mind and to accept yourself just as you are. Make connections with your fellow sisters that often last a life-time!  

Would THAT be worth coming to Portugal for? I sure think so!  


Interior shot of retreat location
Hammock in a tree

On this retreat and with the help of nature's healing powers, you will: 

  • Let go of your ego-mind and monkey chatter and experience the joy of living with a quiet calm awareness. Learning how to utilize breath, meditation and positive affirmation to enrich your life and to provide balance and centering.
  • Create your own personal self-compassion mantra. What do you need right now in your life? You will begin to envision your life moving forward and will devise a "plan" to get there.
  • Becoming present enough to look at your life's purpose and being mindful in everything you do. Learn how to compassionately say no, attract the right people into your life, and choose a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Through rituals, ceremonies and movement release stagnant energy that has accumulated clearing and cleaning that space for a truly joyful authentic life to emerge  

The Bonuses!

Just to show you a little extra love you'll receive: 

  • A Clarity Call - 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Clarissa so she can get to know you personally and best support you on your journey  
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group - so we can all connect pre-retreat (you can ask questions and receive up to date info) and we can stay connected post retreat and continue to support each other  
  • Pre-Retreat Call - you'll have a chance to meet everyone in the group and share your intention  
  • Post-Retreat Call - we'll connect to help you integrate your experiences once back home  

What's Included:  

  • Four days of deep-dive sessions, guided vision journeys, meditations and ceremonies + lots of supportive conversation all week!  
  • 2 Sacred Circles to support you in processing your emotions and enhance your experience  
  • Four morning Yoga sessions (7 -8 am)  
  • Three special workshops to deepen your inner journey  
  • Free afternoons for relaxing, journaling or another activity of your choice  
  • Boutique accommodation for four nights. All rooms are very spacious, comfortable and have ensuite bathrooms and a mezzanine. The rooms have a small porch with a hammock and garden access. We have 3 single rooms and 6 double rooms (yes, there are 2 beds in these rooms)  
  • All the delicious organic vegetarian meals - 4 x breakfast, 4 x lunch and 4 x dinner  
  • Unique gifts  
  • Transport from the airport to the retreat center on October 27th and back to the airport on October 31st (at the designated times only!)  
Retreat Bedrooms
Retreat Staff

What's NOT Included:  

  • Your round-trip airfares from home 
  • Meals not mentioned in the inclusions above (4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 4 lunches) 
  • Other non-included items include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, additional taxis not listed, laundry, tips for the resort staff  

About Clarissa:  

For many years life felt really demanding. I spent a lot of time trying to please a lot of people and yet often still end up simply feeling anxious, guilty, inadequate, tired and sometimes overwhelmed with life. My life began to slowly and painfully unravel. I used my busyness and my son as an excuse to avoid building deep connections and I fell into a pattern of work, eat and sleep. I was unclear about what truly mattered to me and I simply lived on auto-pilot, my self-awareness dialed way down. Boxed into a cubicle, earning a good income while my soul died. I compensated by driving myself into deep debt and desperately hoping someone would save me. 

A job crisis woke me up, brought me to mindfulness which gave me new eyes to see my life through. I became aware that to start to really thrive in my life I needed to slow down. I needed to take responsibility for my choices and actions in life, rather than feeling like a victim to my life. I needed to learn how to say no to those things and people that didn't align to what brings joy, meaning and purpose to my life. I needed to find some self-compassion and practice self-care. 

I found the courage to face up to my debt and the toxic dating, to set new boundaries for myself. No more auto-pilot. By practicing forgiving myself. By practicing loving and caring for myself I began set myself free to start a new chapter in my life. 

My life is different now, even if it still has its stressful and challenging moments. I'm completely steady and calm and have never felt more awake, alive and aligned with what truly matters to me.  

Today it is my greatest joy to share compassionate self-awareness with other women and I'm always in awe of the power of this gentle process to transform lives. 

So, if you're ready to step onto the path of change and reset your soul to be aligned with your purpose and thrive as an authentic woman, then why don't you join me on this retreat of the heart and soul? 

Clarissa Tall Headshot

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Pay in Deposit Info: 

A 500 EUR non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place at the retreat. Full payment is required 60 days before the retreat.  

Your Investment: $1500 EUR single occupancy (3 available) $1400 EUR double occupancy (6 available)  

This Soul Reset retreat is limited to 15 participants! 

LIMITED PLACES! Book your spot now so you don't miss out! 

To join us: 

Choose your room type, then place your non-refundable deposit of 500 EUR below. 

50% of your balance is due July 27th, 2018 The balance is due in full August 27th, 2018  

(If we cannot match you with a roommate we will switch you to a single occupancy room, however if you sign up early you will most likely get your choice.)  

Questions? Please email Clarissa at

Cancellation Policy: For The Trip: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the 500 EUR deposit. Any cancellation made between: July 27th 2018 and August 26th 2018 2017 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: August 27th 2018 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.