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Imagine a workplace where your colleagues and employees are less stressed and more productive everyday. A workplace where, for 8-hours a day, staff use tools to have a better balance between their desks and their families.

1 in 5 people have taken time off work in the past year due to feeling mentally unwell Mental Health in the workplace is everyone's business. Change in statistics like this start at the top, where business leaders need to adopt a pre-emptive approach to the mental health of their staff.

We offer a tailored and ongoing approach to bringing mindfulness into your workplace with a focus on pre-emptive mental health.

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Our Workshop Offers 

We've got something for every workplace, whether you're just starting out, or you want a deeper and more sustained integration. 

  • Introduction to Mindfulness This workshops gives a solid foundation will help your staff to begin their mindfulness practice.
  • Four Workshop Series Our core offering is designed for workplaces that want to develop a deeper and more sustained understanding of mindfulness in a workplace context.
  • Bespoke Can't quite find what you're looking for? Every workplace is different. We help you design something that suits your needs

Through experiential practice and dynamic dialogue you will ...

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Learn About Stress

Personal reflections on stress responses. the fight or flight response and it's impact on productivity

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Experience Flow

The impact of mindlessness of performance. How mindfulness upgrades the brains hardware to bring clarity and focus

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Mindful Mindsets

6 Key Mindfulness Mindsets of non-judgement and letting go, beginners’ mind & non-striving, compassion and acceptance

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What is Mindfulness

An overview and the benefits of mindfulness at work in your day to day life .

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 Building Self-Awareness

Emotions and emotional intelligence. Self-awareness and self-respect as the foundations of connection. Teamwork and mindful listening

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Individual Commitments

Individual commitments to bringing more calm, clarity and connectioninto the workplace

“Clarissa took me on a journey where I was able to uncover parts of myself I hadn’t even been aware of and the change in my thought patterns and behaviour and the way I see myself been huge.”

Fiona - Marketing Manager

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement.

There are two parts to mindfulness The first is learning to focus attention on one thing, and being able to bring the attention back when the mind gets distracted. The second part is about the attitude you bring to paying attention – being open, non-judging, and curious about what you are focusing on.

For employees it means less stress and anxiety and more focus. 

For employers it means improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, focussed staff and better overall staff mental health

Workshop Summary

Bring mindfulness to your workplace. Employers can see tangible and financial benefits by introducing mindfulness and regular meditation as part of their wellbeing culture Mindful awareness creates a solid foundation for all other Human Resources and Learning and Development initiatives, it can help with reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and overall staff stress reduction.  

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A Word From The Workshop Leader

“I'm a mindfulness coach with a decades-long career in the corporate world that taught me much about the challenges of living mindfully and staying true to my values and purpose. 

I've have coached individuals and run trainigns for over 3 years. I'm passionate about mindfulness. It has, and continues to be, the most transformative practices for cultivating and staying calm, awake, alive and aligned with what truly matters in life. ”